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Gifts That Do Good to People and Planet

Empowering businesses like yours, our mission at Apprecious is to transform stakeholder appreciation into a meaningful, inspiring, and sustainable practice. Every item in our selection is curated with a singular focus: doing good for both people and the planet. Choose Apprecious for a diverse range of products that not only reduce environmental impact but also uplift the B40 community, aligning seamlessly with your commitment to sustainability.

  • Personalised Touch

    Nothing is more powerful than a personalised message as it goes a long way. From cards to individual print names, we've got you covered.

  • Bulk Gifting

    Sending a few, hundreds or thousands of gift items? Our end-to-end gifting solutions ensures the gifts reflect your brand colors and values from inside out.

  • Monthly Gifts

    Needed the same quantity or items to be delivered monthly? We've got you covered. From birthdays to new joiner pack, we customise something that fits your team!

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Our Story

Welcome to Apprecious, where every gift carries the heartbeat of empowerment, skillfully handcrafted by Malaysian entrepreneurs and devoted mothers from the heart of our nation.

Our platform is a tapestry of creativity and opportunity, enabling local businesses to share their unique products with the world while sustaining their livelihoods. 

We're more than just a gifting platform – we're a movement. Our mission radiates through the veins of sustainability, as we support responsible businesses,  these talented women with materials, design insights, and a market stage. Together, we're weaving a story of meaningful, enduring gifts that hold a purpose beyond the present.

At Apprecious, each purchase not only delivers a heartfelt gift but also contributes to a narrative of change. Join us in embracing the artistry of B40 community, celebrating sustainability, and making every gift a symbol of empowerment and hope. 🌸🌏

Our Mission

Doing Good to People and Planet - Empowering Hearts, Nurturing Earth

Imagine a ripple effect of kindness, where a single act of generosity touches countless lives. Our gifts go beyond the receiver - they fund opportunities for the artisans, uplift communities, and support sustainable practices. We're not just gifting, we're nurturing both hearts and our beautiful planet.

What Company’s Doing?

Our Brand Promise

Unwavering Transparency, Honest Excellence

Count on our integrity as we prioritize transparency and honesty, promising to deliver exceptional products and services instead of overpromising and underdelivering. You can be assured that what you know is what they know. 

Lovely People Serving You
with Heart

Picture a close friend offering help with a genuine smile. We see ourselves as those friends, guiding you through your gifting journey with warmth and authenticity. Our service isn't just transactional; it's a heartfelt connection.

Fast Answers to Get 
You Moving Efficiently

Envision the ease of planning, customizing, and distributing gifts seamlessly. At Apprecious, our commitment to speed, convenience, and a user-friendly platform empowers gift champions to navigate effortlessly. 

Aligned with Your
Sustainability Value

We handpick gifts and bundles that reduce waste while aligning perfectly with your bottom line, offering a harmonious blend of value and eco-consciousness. 

You Always Feel Cherished
and Valued

At Apprecious, we take on the responsibility of curating gifts that transcend the ordinary, ensuring each stakeholder is not just acknowledged but celebrated. 

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