Story of the Founder

Introducing Apprecious: Giving Evokes Harmony and Affection to the Heart
Amid the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, just like many of you out there, I faced a barrage of challenges that felt like insurmountable roadblocks. Yet, failure wasn't an option. Drawing strength from my past as a single mother, I embraced each hurdle as a lesson, determined to learn and persevere.

As the founder, I found myself at a standstill during those challenging times, contemplating how to create a positive impact. It was amidst this chaos that the idea of Apprecious took root—a fusion of resilience, care, and a commitment to empower the local communities.

Every step was a lesson, an opportunity to learn and grow, impacting not just my path but the lives of those who walked beside me, sharing the same tenacity. This journey, fueled by grit, particularly resonates with women aspiring to make a difference. 

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About Apprecious

Today, our dedication to excellence remains steadfast. Apprecious is more than a business; it's a purpose-driven initiative focused on doing good for people and the planet. Our journey began with a commitment to good health and well-being, and at its core, it's about providing opportunities to women who share our passion for making a difference.

Moreover, we embrace sustainability as a guiding principle—carefully selecting, sourcing, and producing our products with responsibility.This isn't just a business; it's a movement where the simple act of appreciation becomes a catalyst for positive change.

Giving, for us, is paying it forward—a ripple effect that builds a chain of appreciation, making the world a better place. We believe that with gratitude, only our hearts and minds can grow. Join us as we craft this story of connection and sustainability, one meticulously curated product at a time, and together, let's sow the seeds of a brighter future.

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Our Mission

Doing Good to People and Planet - Empowering Hearts, Nurturing Earth

Imagine a ripple effect of kindness, where a single act of generosity touches countless lives. Our gifts go beyond the receiver - they fund opportunities for the artisans, uplift communities, and support sustainable practices. We're not just gifting, we're nurturing both hearts and our beautiful planet.

Our 3E Brand Promise


Count on our integrity as we prioritize transparency and honesty, promising to deliver exceptional products and services instead of overpromising and underdelivering. You can be assured that what you know is what they know. 


At Apprecious, we take on the responsibility of selecting products that transcend the ordinary, ensuring each stakeholder feels appreciated while reflecting your brand's voice, care and thoughtfulness.


Envision the ease of planning, customizing, and distributing gifts seamlessly. At Apprecious, our commitment to speed, convenience, and a user-friendly platform empowers gift champions to navigate effortlessly. 

Our Achievements


Customised Appreciation Gifts Delivered


Products Empowering B40 Moms & care for the Planet


Happy Corporate Clients that Care for Their Stakeholders


Malaysia & Singapore Cross Border Delivery


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