Top 10 Corporate Gifts that are Less Boring

Top 10 Corporate Gifts that are Less Boring

Corporate gifting is a crucial business strategy since delivering gifts to staff, clients, and customers forge an emotional bond between the organization and the recipient. As per studies, corporate gifts are not only a pleasant way to celebrate, express gratitude, and implement employees' appreciation but also boost your business outcome.

Think about it, when you receive a physical gift from someone, it prompts you to value the gift and therefore the person even more. You feel a sense of ownership over the gift and that translates to a stronger connection with them. Since you’re genuinely impressed by the gesture, you’ll always associate the gift giver with a positive feeling. Tapping into this strong psychological advantage is exactly the need in a professional scenario. 

Whether it’s about nurturing a strong relationship with your clients, prospects, or employees, unique and innovative gestures are exactly what you need. As people remember your brand, even more, business satisfaction, ROI and outcomes increase multifold.

What do the statistics say? 


The productivity through such non-monetary motivations has increased by +14%.

  • In a survey of 300 corporate gift purchasers, 80% of participants said giving gifts enhanced their connections with clients and coworkers.
  • Additionally, 48% of the businesses claimed that gifting had brought a significant advantage, as it made recipients feel cherished and increased client loyalty.
  • The top three corporate gift-giving events are holidays (51%), customer appreciation (34%), and employee milestones (27%).
  • The amount spent on corporate gifts has increased dramatically as more businesses now have to manage virtual workforces.
  • A survey found that approximately 80% of people prefer to purchase goods from businesses that give back to the community. 90% of those surveyed said they would be willing to pay more for it. Additionally, since they may be recycled or planted, eco-friendly presents convey a positive message.

So what can you do?


Say no to conventional mugs and t-shirts! We’ve noticed employees and clients are spoilt for choice. People are moving towards items that are both practical and environmentally sustainable. Hence companies have a huge responsibility in this regard. 

As companies move toward minimizing their carbon footprint in as many ways as possible, choosing eco-friendly corporate gifts while keeping them non-boring is the way to go. There’s a growing trend in which corporate companies are gifting thoughtfully curated appreciation care packs that are different from the normal mugs and t-shirts to wow their employees and clients. 

Our suggestion? Gift a variety of gifts that your recipients can keep and use for a longer time. Eco-friendly, reusable, and reducing items landing up in dustbins like flowers and too many wrappings!

So it’s a no-brainer that unique, purpose-driven, eco-friendly presents are here to stay. It can be as simple as switching out a chocolate gift pack with a potted plant or sustainable toiletries. Needless to say, customized corporate gifts that you curate, design, and order should be innovative while elevating the gifting experience from the company to stakeholders.

Let us take a look at the 10 corporate gifts that are less boring:




Who is not a fan of chocolate? And what if they are gifted in interesting ways by using local ingredients? You can never go wrong with chocolates if you are an HR professional seeking to come up with gift ideas for your frequent office parties, birthday celebrations, achievement parties, etc. 

Pick from single, double, or multiple chocolate gift packs — locally produced dark chocolates to celebrate special occasions. A simplistic but eye-catching gift made in Malaysia, with recyclable packaging and available nationwide for delivery. It’s surely a hit for ones with a sweet tooth.



Post the lockdown, everyone wants to get out of the shackles of their homes and travel to beautiful exotic destinations. After all, revenge travel is on everyone’s to-do list! With such adventurous travels comes a vanity to carry. So gifting a travel compact kit filled with necessities is good for practical and relaxation purposes. So all you need is a travel pack with high-quality items, whether you are going on an adventure trip or want to relax.

Office trip around the corner? With carefully chosen materials for a refreshing self-care session, take a look at this mini wellness cum spa pack, super-compact to fit into your luggage. It is also customizable with your logo printed on it and gets the same-day delivery option for selected locations.





The perfect way to welcome your staff back to the workplace after a long break or an innovative way to onboard a new employee is by giving them something they will use every day in the office. The most liked corporate gift suggestions for clients include curated gift boxes and branded products, whether the goal is to re-engage clientele, welcome new business, or just strengthen relationships. Or perhaps something cool for team-building activities. It could be a tote bag, tumbler, or snacks. What if they get all of it in a pack? 

When you provide your team members with this new collection of basic and contemporary office essentials, you make them productive from the very beginning. Here’s a gift pack that includes a tote bag, tumbler, and black cap (can be customized with logos), delicious snacks, and a personalized greeting card. Grab it while you can while it is still available in Malaysia!





What better way to show that you care for your employees than by giving them a mini spa roll-on that helps with deep sleep while relieving work stress? Since most people desire to receive a present that reflects their values, personalization is the key to a strategy's success.

Your employees and clients will be happy with an aromatic luxurious roll-on that’s like a spa in the grip of their palms. It’s filled with components like Vitamin E, bergamot, lavender, vanilla, and many other natural compounds they never realized they needed. This easy-to-use magic potion is also vegan and of the highest quality. Suitable for different ages.

Definitely a good decision!






Companies have grown to become more aware of the values and principles they stand by. Whether it’s gender equality, inclusivity, or making environmentally conscious choices! By incorporating good values, companies like yours grow their brand and thereby gain trust and respect from clients and employees. On that note, why not opt for more eco-friendly presents, from plant-derived handwash to biodegradable stationery, rather than giving stuff in plastic wrapping that add to the waste stream? 

Check this eco-friendly curated package that includes a natural plant, plant-based hand soap, and biodegradable items such as reusable tote bags, a sugar-free gluten-free chocolate bar made with natural ingredients, soothing aloe gel, etc. 





If you are thinking of a gift pack during a team-building exercise, team appreciation event, or an evening gathering, go for something healthy that both the millennials and gen Z in the team can enjoy.

This goodie bag aims to give you more energy with snacks and protection with antibacterial wipes. These are affordable and cute too!





As everyone is warming up to the post-pandemic phase, office events and house parties are in full swing! If you’re looking for something budget-friendly yet interesting, you just can’t go wrong with cookies. After all, Malaysians can be won over by food! 100% organic & sustainable selection of snacks can be a fantastic corporate gift if you want to keep promoting a healthy lifestyle among all your employees! 

A selection of delectable treats prepared with natural ingredients, free of preservatives, and with no plastic packaging are included in this Chunky chonk cookies gift basket.

Perfect for a small celebration and housewarming parties.





Even if your staff members are working hard, their productivity might increase dramatically with some assistance in project management. Stationery lovers, we hear you! 

This valuable and stunning productivity gift set with a sustainable twist makes a terrific gift for your staff. Includes drip coffee made in Malaysia, stainless steel coffee mug, plant-based chocolate snack, notebook, keychain holder, etc. It makes for a perfect new joiner’s pack or a welcome back to office gift after a long pandemic break. Also great as a men’s day gift!






What better way to thank your international clients or delegates than by giving them some fine local goods they can bring back to their country and cherish for a long time? This will support small enterprises and help society by buying locally created goods. Additionally, many handicrafts can be personalized, adding even more personalization to the business gift. These presents are frequently given out on special occasions like birthdays, festivals, achievements, etc.

If you have teams or clients coming to Malaysia for meetings or conferences, consider this beautiful Batik Malaysia gift bundle that includes a Batik coin purse, Batik handkerchief, Batik foldable fan, Batik bottle holder, Batik Drawstring bag, etc. It will last in their memory forever.





Tickets have been booked for the Christmas 2022 travels. Now it’s all about preparing and packing — the most exciting part. Whether it’s family members or colleagues, this sports duffel bag is for all travellers. If it's getting close to the end of the year and you are trying to think of a Christmas gift for your traveler friend, get creative and consider this sports duffel bag that would make their travel easier.

With an option to personalize it with a customizable logo, this super lightweight bag comes with a big shoe compartment and side meshes for convenience and is stylish yet practical too!



We hope with the above suggestions, you’ve got some unique ideas for employee and client appreciation. Many of these presents focus on ethical goods or personalized wellness items that may be utilized frequently rather than merely sitting on a shelf.

Pandemic and lockdown limitations have restricted the ways to stay in touch; therefore, companies can do their part and implement these creative ways to reach their staff and clients with the best corporate gifts. With the help of social media and word of mouth, this will in turn inspire a lot of other organizations to show their employee appreciation. After all, business growth is nothing without its employees and clients. Taking good care of them by being fully invested in their welfare, growth, happiness, and productivity is not just important but essential. 


“Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business. As simple as that.” --Richard Branson.

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