Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for Employees, Clients and Partners

Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for Employees, Clients and Partners

Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide for Employees, Clients, and Partners 2023

We know no one likes sending or receiving business gifts that end up in the dusty corners of desks and closets. Gone are the days when employees used to feel enthusiastic about receiving a calendar that they can just hang up on a random wall and it gets covered in dust. Come on! Who does that in this digital era when everything is available on phones?  

At apprecious, we prioritize sending useful and long lasting gifts that not only spark joy but is sustainable and meaningful to your stakeholders. Today, we are sharing with you gift ideas that they will appreciate because it doesn’t go to waste, easily manage and will not expire within a short period. So, check out which of these gift ideas serves your purpose the best. We have compiled a list of 10 corporate holiday gift recommendations that are unique and thoughtful enough to become treasured possessions or memories. 

'Some gifts are big. Others are small but the ones that come from the heart are the best of all.'- Tinku Razors

So here we are presenting Christmas corporate gift box ideas for your stakeholders and an excellent way to begin a new business relationship or nurture existing client and employee relationships. 


1. December to remember

We went through a lot during the pandemic, and this year Christmas is probably the best time to reconnect with family and friends. So consider a  premium gift and a fun outing to compensate for the time lost. Let us remember that it’s not just back to work and physical interactions but also mental health that needs a lot of love and attention moving forward. 

Everyone has gone through their own share of pain but women sometimes bear the brunt, especially in a household setting. Generally, women hold the responsibility of taking care of the entire family but hardly get any love or affection in return. So when it comes to self-care, women need it more than anybody else. It’s time we think of the women of our life, be they mothers, wives, or daughters, and remind them to take care of themselves and be the best versions of themselves.

On that note, check out this Christmas corporate gift box, a self-care and home-care pack with premium products such as essential oils, moisturizers, a Gua Sha facial tool, home fragrances, a twilly for a headband and a Personalized Christmas card. All these are packed in a beautiful acrylic bag that is purposeful enough for any other outing or home decor. 

Nothing screams “self-care is a priority” more than this package. People who receive this gift from you will not just fall in love with the products but also with your thoughtfulness behind this gift. 

So, start planning your 2022 year-end appreciation gift for your loved ones or employees and we swear we are not biased when we say this is a perfect gift! 


2. Merry jingle bag

Food is a way to anyone's heart. So why take a chance if you are unsure about your gifting strategy and need clarification with the holiday gift recommendations? Fresh bakery cookies are a Christmas season delight. 

If you’re having trouble deciding on a gift, check out the link below. And we assure you that you will not be disappointed. This lovely Christmas jingle bag with a metal string handle can be used as a home decor item, storage bag, or handbag. As soon as you open it, the aroma of chocolate chip cookies inside will make your mouth water. This gift will not only support local bakers but will also be greatly appreciated by your business contacts. You can be assured that they’re halal-certified too. 


3. Christmas Santa snacks

Holidays seasons are times to celebrate with love, laughter, and, of course, food. Christmas parties are meant to be enjoyed while keeping health in mind. So, if you're wondering what to arrange for the Christmas platters this year, in addition to the usual starters, consider making a healthy platter and delicious snacks.

Check out this snack box, which perfectly illustrates what we are trying to say here. The assorted dry fruits gift box is an excellent way to show your employees and clients that you genuinely care. So let this create a lasting impression of your authenticity.

4. Joyful moments gift pack

Are you looking for something that is filled with eye-catching items and also surprising? A gift box with all of this is something you can think of this holiday season. These are not only practical and useful gifts but also unique in their own way. 

It includes useful items like a satin eye cover for a good night's sleep, a soy wax candle with an aromatic rose scent, and goji berry chocolate made in Malaysia. It is an excellent way to remind people to slow down and take a breather. Same-day delivery is available for this gift box delivery in Malaysia and Singapore.


5. Christmas chocolate gift pack

Christmas and chocolates are like bow and arrow. They just can’t exist in isolation. So let it be for a staff appreciation gift or a client nurturing gift box, chocolates just cannot go wrong. Choose from one, two, or more chocolate gift packs with different wrappings. You have a choice! From thank you to men’s day appreciation, we’ve made it easy for you to choose any customized wrapping with the message that you like to convey to the recipients.

These chocolates are healthy, sustainable, and directly sourced chocolate from farms within Asia. It comes in a beautiful, premium gift box with a nice matching color ribbon tied to it. Delivery is available in Malaysia and Singapore for this and is also suitable for birthdays, holidays, and everyday occasions.

6. Premium gold glass mug gift set

If you want to give your most important clients a gift that will make an impression on them, you should definitely consider something luxurious yet functional. When we say luxurious, the color gold is what comes to mind. But don't overlook its utility; otherwise, it will sit in the corner like a showpiece.

Check out this beautiful yet practical corporate door gift with a combination of lifestyle and edible items such as an elegant line glass mug, healthy pure honey, dried lemon slices, and a healthy mix of nuts. The curated items in this gift box are perfect for anyone to make their own honey lemon tea. Personalize it with a handwritten message to truly express your appreciation to your business stakeholders. Gift delivery in Kuala Lumpur is also available.


7. Travelling holiday care pack

When it comes to planning your travel itinerary is never easy. There’s too much work when it comes to shortlisting the destinations, planning the meetings and getting the bookings in order. If you know any women travelers, we say it’s mandatory (yes, mandatory) to gift them a thoughtful traveling care package that contains all the essential items they need.

Self-care goes out of the window while traveling and oftentimes, small items such as lip balm, sunscreen lotion, etc. get misplaced at the bottom of the traveler’s suitcase. That’s when this package becomes useful for your traveler friends!

So, what should a traveler's kit contain? Eye masks for sleeping during flight travel, fabric hair towel for the quick shower, sunscreen lotion when they’re going outdoor, lip balm for hydration midnight recovery, wipes for the public toilet seats, and small size purifying body wash. And to top it off, this kit contains Bobble organic panty liners that are eco-friendly and do not contain toxins that are included in generic period products. With this organic panty liner added to the gift, you’re sending a message and inspiring your recipients to be environmentally mindful. Check out the link below; you’ll find everything in this thoughtful yet super-affordable holiday care package.


8. Tiffany joy gift box

Women appreciate everything with a premium appearance; if it is practical and useful, they are even happier. Whether it's a women's day gift or a staff appreciation gift, if you are thinking about a gift for a woman, it's best to give them something useful and pampering.

Check out this premium and lovely emerald green gift box that will make them happy with a collection of gifts such as a productivity planner, a glass mug with a tea filter,  a silk scarf which you can also use as Tudung,  flower tea sachets, and a satin eye cover all wrapped up in a beautiful box.  So tea lovers will truly cherish this gift since it’ll help them make tea without fuss and even carry it along in style. Make it extra special by including a personalized handwritten card message. You can deliver gifts in Kuala Lumpur.


9. Positive Work Vibes Care Pack 

Year-end appreciation gifts can go beyond just being a celebration package. After all, we are ending 2 long years of fighting the Covid pandemic so welcoming 2023 deserves all the love! So we suggest doing something unique and useful at the same time. Adding practical items that are not very common is also an excellent way to go about things. Think beyond planners and productivity books to find practical work products that employees will want to use on a daily basis and still not get enough of it. Increase productivity by thinking outside the box.

Get a well-curated productivity set that’s ideal for a new employee gift package or a new year gift package. With elegant items like coffee mixes, a premium black box, and a mug with a custom logo — your employees will feel pampered while using these items and keeping you in mind for a long time. Now that is a perfect deal, we say!


10. Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Gifts that are trendy yet super fun are something to consider when deciding on staff appreciation gifts. They would undoubtedly appreciate the recognition. Let it be related to their health or an accomplice. Start your new year with a pledge to be a healthier version of yourself and keep no stones unturned that will motivate you to do so.

Check out the link below and keep your corporate door gift an exceptional one. Sports earphones will make your workouts and sports more enjoyable. Give a stylish door gift that encourages your employees to stay fit and active while listening to music. Perfect for heavy movement while keeping the earphones in place, and guess what? They are customizable with a custom logo and are super affordable!

Make it perfect:

The best corporate holiday gifts for employees and clients are a subject that requires some thought and strategy. However, as Sarrah Dessen points out, "the best gifts come from the heart, not the store." So, no matter how hard you try to make it perfect, gifting is something that must be tried and tested in order to be successful.

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