Top 10 Rare & Practical Gift Items While Supporting Local Business in Malaysia

Top 10 Rare & Practical Gift Items While Supporting Local Business in Malaysia

‘All a brand needs are an undivided support from surroundings and a strong faith to soar high’

All of us agree that we should buy local products because we are our own nation’s endorsers. But the questions are how and what?

When we’re searching for gifts, we usually buy from familiar well-known brands and unfortunately - not much of local choices. Aside from the seasonal items such as Nona ketupat and Faiza rice (who gives others 10kg rice though), people don't really know that we have many selections of products ranging from food, skincare, beauty, etc. And we’re about to change your perception!

According to Chong Chieng Jen, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Deputy Minister, Malaysians’ commitment level of buying local goods is still below 40%, even though more than 75% of them are conscious of the ‘Buy Malaysian’ campaign.

The impact of the lack of awareness has undoubtedly affected the economy. Import rates still surpass the export rates and our brands are still stuck at a small-scale level. Hence we’ll introduce local products that are on par with international level and will excite your receivers because of their rarity. Let’s go!

support local Malaysia 2022


essential oil roll on Care Package Malaysia 2022

By: Effortless


Your colleague complained that they were having difficulties sleeping although they counted 1000 sheeps? Keep tossing and turning in their sleep and waking up tired the next day? Missing the quality sleep because they can't enjoy peace? If you notice how those problems affect their life, a change is much needed! 

Apply this roller on the chest, wrist, neck or wherever they want for muscle relaxation. The blend of vitamin E, bergamot, rose, lavender, and caprylic triglyceride work like a charm for insomnia, stress, confused state of mind. Meanwhile, vanilla is added to distract anyone from unhappy thoughts and lower blood pressure.

Perfect for a thoughtful gift, the receiver will thank you over and over again for improving their life quality. Interested? Click here.



care package scrub Malaysia 2022

By: Sukurabu

Remember how you used to do spa nights during sleepovers with your cousins? Gift them this as a symbol that the fun nights never left your memories. Let them laze in the marvellous Sukurabu Fluffy Sakura Snows scrub and breathe in the scent of refreshing floral marshmallows. 

While enjoying the gentle sensation enriched with Vitamin-E and fabulous foam for deep cleanse, Sukurabu scrub is also effective to moisturise dry skin and reduce body breakouts - thanks to its fantastic blend of mango & shea butter. Comes in an aesthetically pleasing glass container, it would be an exclusive addition to bath sets in the bathroom.

You can also opt for other variations, Sukurabu Ice Lavender Latte and Sukurabu Verbena Citrus. In the gift set, they will receive a 330ml body scrub set (fine and high density baby foam), 100ml miniature bottle, and golden sakura spoon. 



lip balm Care Package Malaysia 2022

By: Lips Carpenter

Chapped lipstick under a full glam makeup? No thanks! We want to be moisturised in and out. Hydrate your lips now with this overnight lip balm and wake up with luscious lips. Can also apply it if you are in a conference room that is as cold as the North Pole. Healthy lips, happy smile.

Contains cocoa butter (improve blood flow to the skin), coconut oil (moisturise skin), olive oil (repair damaged skin tissues), beeswax (seal moisture), honey (prevent lip darkening), peppermint oil (antibacterial p[roperties), vitamin E (anti-aging). What else could you ask for? 

 Interested? Click here.



kintry care package salted caramel Malaysia 2022
By: Kintry

Your friend has a sweet tooth but is on a diet? Give them this salted caramel granola for a healthy yet full of flavours snack. Packaging-wise is enough to spark curiosity and we can promise you, the inside will take them to a higher level.

The richness of butter combined with sweet and salty caramel will create blissful explosions in your mouth while still maintaining the healthy benefits of granola.

 Interested? Click here.



batik mask care package Malaysia 2022
By: Tukang Jahit


No more looking sleazy in this post-pandemic era. Be stylish and embrace our tradition by donning this beautifully crafted batik mask. Sewn by skillful B40 women who are trying to make ends meet, you will also help to reduce plastic consumption by using reusable face masks. 

Fits snugly on standard Asian faces, may the receiver pick this mask over the other designs. Interested? Click here.



chocolate local care package Malaysia 2022
By: Benns


Who would expect this exclusive looking chocolate bar to be a Malaysian product? One glance and your receiver will think that you paid for a return ticket to Belgium specially for them. And who knows  they might keep the packaging afterwards!

Containing 72% of dark chocolate, it will not only act as a mood booster, but also as cancer prevention, heart care, and weight loss. Now, everyone can have a bite without feeling guilty. Interested? Click here.



eye pillow care package Malaysia 2022
By: The Asli Co

Once a week, everyone needs a getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle. But sometimes, they don't have time nor effort to do that. Don’t worry, help your loved ones create their own personal spa by giving them this aromatherapy eye pillow. Packed with flaxseed and lavender, they have the freedom to either heat it up to improve blood circulation or leave it in the freezer to reduce dark circles and relieve headaches.


  • Filled with 100% natural organic flax seeds and Lavender
  • Relieve tired eyes and sinus congestion
  • Soothe headaches and aids sleep
  • Microwave to heat up for hot therapy
  • Leave it in the freezer for cool therapy.

Interested? Click here.



pillow spray care package Malaysia 2022
By: Cleen


Before going to Sleepy Land, spray this calming pillow mist for a satisfying rest. Spritz your worries away as it’s infused with lavender and cedarwood essential oils. Moreover, a sweet orange scent gives a calming effect for a good night sleep.

100% plant based, it screams unlimited sprays without having to worry about chemical side effects. Interested? Click here.



ICE POPS BAR FRUITY care package Malaysia 2022
By: Pops Malaya


Bored of the typical ice creams in store? Give something unique and eye-catching for an unforgettable evening. Packed conveniently in a grip-size, it contains real fruit to ensure receivers get full benefits without having to manually squeeze the fruits on their own.

Most importantly, it is shelf-stable/ambient ice lollies that can be stored at room temperature, suitable for Malaysia weather. Freeze before eating for a refreshing  ice-cream experience. Interested? Click here.



NUT MIX AMAZIN  GRAZE care package Malaysia 2022
By: Amazin’ Graze

No caps, no hands shall be stopped once you dive in this snack bag. Breaking the stereotype that all healthy snacks are bland, Amazin’ Graze is determined to prove you wrong! Variety of flavours for you to choose, be prepared to embark on a healthier lifestyle.

Suitable for office snacking or on-the-go-grab, it’s designed to fit their bags conveniently. Forget international brand snacks, it’s time to give a chance to our local products. Interested? Click here.

Sometimes, a small business has done everything they could to market their products for the whole world to notice but perhaps they need our help to make their dream a reality. Malaysia is progressing each day, be proud to contribute to our growth even by buying a snack. Every cent matters. Supporting local products means giving them another stair to climb. Long story short, Malaysia Boleh!



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