Top 5 Chinese New Year 2023 Gift Ideas

Top 5 Chinese New Year 2023 Gift Ideas

Chinese New Year, usually referred to as the Lunar New Year, is one of the important holidays observed among the Chinese community in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Family get-togethers, dining, gift-giving, and festivities occur throughout this period.

Giving and receiving gifts from not only family and friends but from clients and employees is a significant aspect of the Chinese New Year celebration. Gifting is said to be auspicious for both the giver and the recipient. Gifting varieties of gifts to different people such as bosses, employees, and investors as per their likes and requirements will make your gift more thoughtful and the person receiving will feel extra special! Remember it’s also the thought that counts. Whatever kind of present you select, make sure it’s heartfelt. Your clients will know how much you value them through the thoughtful gift you choose for them.

As Chinese New Year is right around the corner, it’s time to brainstorm how to make your clients and employees feel special during this festive occasion. According to Chinese customs, gifts such as handkerchiefs, watches, shoes, and mirrors are entirely forbidden. These aren't gifted because it’s believed that they bring bad luck. Now that we have warned you of the gifts to avoid during CNY, let’s dig deep into the type of gifts you can consider gifting. 

So, what should be included in the gifts for employees, bosses, and clients? We have you covered, so don't worry! You can find all the information about presenting Corporate Chinese New Year gifts in the list below. Additionally, bulk gift ordering is very popular for busy corporate HRs or business owners. So, if you’re looking to place an order for bulk gifts and then forget about it, keep reading. The gift ideas given below are helpful if you’re looking for CNY gift set delivery in the year 2023.

As the Chinese say: "This Lunar New Year, may life hold for you as much variety as the various phases of the moon." — let the variety in your CNY gifts remind your recipients of the same! 

Love, prosperity, and growth


You should select a gift for your clients and coworkers for the Chinese New Year that conveys warm wishes and good fortune. Pick a thing that will make their lives happier and luckier! This new year is considered a rabbit year depicting peace and prosperity, so gifting something eco-friendly with reusable packaging is ideal. And by purchasing this gift set, you're also empowering local B40 women with job opportunities. A good deal for everyone.

Check out this beautiful 3-in-1 pouch. Choose either one or all of them as per your budget. Enjoy locally-baked halal-certified pineapple tarts, walnut cookies, and ingot chocolate in the Nasi Lemak small pouch that depicts love. The collagen birds nest with sweet halal certified osmanthus is a great health drink reminding your recipients to keep their health in check. You can also add a wooden cutlery set that includes a fork, spoon, and chopstick. A personalized handwritten greeting card in it makes it a perfect customization. A perfect gift set that symbolizes love, prosperity, and growth!

Premium prosperity CNY gift bag



People typically go on shopping sprees around the new year to buy gifts for their friends, family, coworkers, important clients, or special guests. The ideal combination to consider for gifting is a lovely handcrafted bag filled with nutritious edible items that correspond with the new year's theme for prosperity and traditions.

Check out this lovely bag with a handle, which acts as a beautiful carrier of goodies rather than the traditional plastic hampers. It includes a glass tea filter bottle, wooden cutlery and bowls, longevity noodles, abalone braised to perfection, prosperity pouches with rice and puer tea, gojiberry in a jar, and pineapple tart. The bag is handcrafted by local artisans and is reusable. So whether you want to use it for grocery shopping or a picnic bag, it’s sure to turn heads. A personal handwritten note will make it a gift of your choice. Add a message of gratitude and well wishes for the New Year to your gift to make it even more meaningful. When it comes to showing our employees how much we care, a few sweet words can go a long way. This Chinese new year gift box delivery is available the same day you order it.

Always blooming gift box



In Chinese culture, tea represents longevity and health, so adding that to your CNY gift set will help express your wishes for their well-being. Gifting tea to your staff and clients will win their respect and put you in their good books. Additionally, this gift box also has a lovely assortment of varieties of cookies such as pineapple, green pea, walnut, and peanut butter. Such good company while drinking tea. 

Explore our elegant gift boxes embellished with stunning peonies to add even more distinctive touches to your gifting. Clients will be pleased if you gift this curated selection of nutritious locally-made cookies and tea packs, including a personalized handwritten note. This is an ideal employee and client appreciation gift box for those with budget below RM100.

Mini CNY wholesome set


Mini-gift boxes are frequently considered when you’re planning to gift a large number of employees with limited budget? These tiny boxes with treats are inexpensive and wonderfully crafted. These cute small gift boxes are great door gifts for exhibitions and annual dinner events.

Check out the assortment of delicious cookies made at home, which come in a box with a 2023 Year of rabbit fridge magnet that is beautifully made to look premium. This healthy combination creates a beautiful CNY gift set for 2023 and is easy to distribute. It’s easy on your pockets plus it’s also available for bulk delivery, so CNY gift delivery cannot be more affordable than this!

Fresh start CNY gift set



Every woman craves a bag where she can dump everything while shopping. You can get that comfort with a tote bag. A beautiful pattern on the bag that makes you think of your loved ones will be truly unique. Find something that is both attractive and useful. The popularity of reusable gift bags will help you further your environmental conservation efforts.

Check this product and find a beautiful canvas tote bag depicting a pleasant reunion design hand-made by local artisans. The bag is filled with some delicious halal-certified goodies like cookies and tarts. Mountain Fresh juice will give a fresh start to a busy new year. Convey your gratitude and well wishes with a personalized handwritten card—no plastics for wrapping, so no wastage. Most importantly, you are not only gifting fewer plastic items but also practical for daily usage.



In Chinese New Year celebrations, giving out traditional gifts has been followed for hundreds of years. These presents range from symbolic mandarins to red money envelopes and are intended to bring good fortune, joy, and wealth in the upcoming year. They are also ideal for expressing gratitude to loved ones, relatives, and coworkers.

You can express how much your recipients mean to you by giving them a New year's gift as a symbol of your appreciation. Additionally, since regional Chinese New Year traditions differ, it's simple to discover meaningful gifts that express your gratitude distinctively and genuinely. There is no better time to express appreciation than the Lunar New Year, whether you choose traditional or modern takes.

A significant portion of Chinese New Year gift-giving involves giving items in the appropriate colors and quantities. The lucky colors of red, yellow, and gold are thought to symbolize happiness and success. The number 4 is said to represent death and bad luck, whereas the number 8 is said to bring luck and riches. Additional rules include:

  • Giving gifts in even numbers for the new year.
  • Avoid vouchers or gift cards because they are viewed as impersonal.
  • Giving the present with both hands is a sign of respect.

Chinese New Year 2023 gift sets are typically wrapped in traditional hues like red and gold. For Chinese New Year, choose a lucky pattern for the gift wrapping that will bring the receiver luck and fortune. This might be an abstract design or a more contemporary dragon theme.

Don't forget to include your own unique note at the end! Your present will be even more special if it comes with a handwritten letter of sincerity.

This new year "Open your windows to allow good luck to come inside, light up the lanterns with new hopes and aspirations. Happy Chinese New Year."

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