Top 5 Gifts for Him - International Men's Day Special

Top 5 Gifts for Him - International Men's Day Special

Gifts are crucial in 2022 because the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social isolation and office closures force us to find deep connections and bonds. Even though they are frequently taken for granted, daily interactions among co-workers, business partners, and clients foster a surreal sense of community. The gifts for them will support maintaining a strong sense of connection over any distance.

A good holiday present for clients or employees should be cheerful and celebratory enough to honor a full year of successful teamwork. These presents can be useful, but they should also have a unique quality that sets them apart from other presents, like sentimental value or humor. For any occasion or feeling, you want to acknowledge and celebrate in style with your business partner; you can make it all the more special by sending them a gift. Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are all fantastic occasions to add a personalized touch to your business partners or employees.

Consider what might make an employee more productive and content throughout the day while choosing a thoughtful gift. On the other hand, gifts for clients you don't see often are made better by customizing and adding a personal touch. 

Men are frequently overlooked when giving gifts because we think there are few items suitable for giving them. Most of us only consider giving them a tie, shirt, or perfume. Let us change this and not be the case any longer.

19th November is International Men's day, and the ideas below will surely help you out with an ideal gift for them without being bored with the same old typical gifts.

There are simple ways to give men who are also business partners a customized gift. The majority of the products, which range from clothing to home office supplies, let you customize the designs and colors to match your company's branding and thereby improve brand recall among the internal team members and external stakeholders.

"Expressing gratitude to others is a gift to them. Experiencing gratitude is a gift to yourself" - Michael Josephson.

Many gift ideas are available online, so we have hand-selected 5 for your male co-worker or client in the hopes that you'll find the perfect present for him.

1. Positive work vibes care package inspires productivity and daily essentials, suitable for home or office employees by helping them focus on health and wellness.

Given how much time we spend in front of screens, anyone will value care packages and gifts that encourage them to unplug and practice self-care in calm surroundings. Regardless of his line of work, your client or employees undoubtedly needs such a reminder for self-care. 

Send your male employee and clients positive vibes with a thoughtfully curated assortment of natural soy wax chamomile candles that will calm them down to aid in their post-work relaxation, stress relief, and return to zen. A premium, understated ceramic mug with a wooden cover and a metal spoon with Starbucks coffee inside makes them feel energetic at work. Plus his coffee will stay hotter for longer in a stylish ceramic travel mug, allowing him to take a break from his work each time he takes a sip.

Make it a customized gift by writing a special message for men's day and having the company brand presence feel by embossing the logo, color, and values you propose. 

2) Premium batik gift set for the VIPs, oversees clients, guests of honors, government agencies

Batik has developed into a very important form of artistic expression and a deeply ingrained aspect of Asian culture in many regions of the continent. Because they have more vibrant colors and adaptable patterns, Malaysian batik fabrics have an advantage over those from other countries. Malaysian batik gift design has a distinct identity, perhaps due to the country's multicultural and ethnic diversity, broad artistic perspective, and pool of extraordinarily talented locals. Malaysian batik art is a source of pride for them. It is a fantastic option to think of it for gifting your VIP clients.

Check out this exclusive batik gift souvenir with a bottle holder, Batu Seremban (a Malaysian traditional childhood game), a coaster, handsewn Ketupat with chocolate treats, a coin purse, Sea cucumber soap,  handsewn mask by B40 women; all of this is made in Batik and a handle-equipped vintage amber coffee glass. High-quality, hand-made Batik continues to have a sizable market, despite the fact that the majority of batik fabric is now decorated and tailored by machines. However, gifting this to your overseas clients, guests of honors, government agencies, etc., packed inside a beautiful premium bamboo box and a card with a handwritten message, is something that will create brand loyalty towards the art and craft of Malaysia, and that will surely stay in the client's memory for a long.

3) Office productivity booster for new joiner pack, welcome kit, productivity and daily essentials, team building, and training

Anyone working in an office knows how easy it is to cause a mess by simply dropping the coffee mug and misplacing an important sticky note from your desk. And you can avoid all that mess if someone has the appropriate tools to keep things intact. On that note, let us introduce you to the office productivity booster. Add your company logo to personalize it further, then give it a welcome gift. With a customized productivity gift set that includes fun and appropriate office supplies, new company entrants will undoubtedly feel at ease. Furthermore, with that logo, you'll make a strong impression about how driven you are as a firm and the value you advocate.

Check out this wonderful gift set for those teammates and clients willing to go the extra mile for you. A stainless steel coffee mug, drip coffee made in Malaysia, a Leather key chain holder, a plant-based chocolate snack, and a cute notebook that will have your important notes in one place, all in a premium black box, are just a few of the productivity-boosting surprises in this box. What better than a starter kit that will improve efficiency and make a strong brand presence? 

4) Noise-canceling TWS sports earphones with good quality Bluetooth earphones for those fitness-enthusiastic employees 

It’s important to be thoughtful while gifting. That way, the giver and receiver both enjoy the moment in a way that they are important. The best gift of all is time, and the time and effort you put into gifting are unquestionably priceless. Ask a gym rat, for instance, what they desire most when working out. The solution will undoubtedly be something that keeps gym-goers motivated to perform at their best. And we consider that to be music. No one wants people using ill-fitting earbuds or shouting out headsets for others to hear. 

Check out these TWS wireless earphones and connect to the smoothest workouts with these Bluetooth headsets that withstand water, sweat, and splashes. This technology will astound your gym-goers employees with its positive effects on those who want to preserve their hearing, lessen outside distractions, and enjoy better audio quality—advanced capacitive touch controls that are the ideal fit for the outdoors to fuel their never-ending hustle. These sports earbuds hold up whether one exercises or plays sports—ideal gift for that fitness freak colleague or business partner who never misses his gym. Emboss your company logo on the personalized card, making it a customized gift for them this men's day.

5) Men's day chocolate affordable gift pack if you are sending to one or bulk recipients. Support local and enjoy a healthy bar of dark chocolate.

Food and beverages are always a good choice when you consider gifting them to anyone. Besides, the key to a man's heart is food. Moreover, everyone enjoys chocolate. Dark chocolate is an excellent choice if the recipient is a health freak.

Why not treat your colleague or business partners to their favorite chocolates as a way of saying "thank you"? After a long work day, your employees will feel refreshed thanks to this tasty and healthy snack. 

This chocolate is packaged with a cover of Superman and the message ‘I’m proud of you!’. Men are naturally protective of the people they love. Therefore, a unique cover with a Superman cover is not only adorable but these are also words for affirmation for the strong man in our life whether a family member or an employee, plus it is also halal certified and made in Malaysia. Make it a customized gift with a personalized card message this International Men’s Day.


With the above gift suggestions we have for you, we’re sure you may already be getting some good ideas to pamper and appreciate the men in your life. So it’s safe to say that finding gifts for ‘him’ is not that difficult at all. It just needs a little brainstorming. Apart from spending time with them, don’t hesitate to make them feel special with thoughtful gifts. 

"Time, as far as my father was concerned, was a gift you gave to other people"- Michelle Obama.

This International Men's day, make the men in your life, be it your colleagues, employees, clients, or business partners, feel extra special with the gift ideas that we have put together for you. 

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