Top 5 Ways On How To Write A Thank You Note

Top 5 Ways On How To Write A Thank You Note

 "Elevate Your Gifting Game With A Wholesome Thank You Note"

Some traditions are worth keeping as they carry a huge significance in human interactions. One of them is sending greeting cards to people who mean a lot to you. Sure we can give a virtual card but it doesn’t radiate the same feeling as touching the smooth art card and inhaling the paper scent.

Do you know the greeting card concept was first introduced in Europe circa 1400s? That time, it was a celebrated new form of social expression that connected people together. Some believed it began way longer- somewhere in ancient China and Egypt civilizations. The Chinese and Egyptian people wrote messages on papyrus papers in order to communicate with distant friends and wish luck upon one another. Thanks to that gesture, it became one of the most effective ways in showing affection universally. 

According to a study on the psychology behind greeting cards, choosing the right card will affect one’s mood and relationship. For instance, you just met a new acquaintance in a conference and you received a care package with a warm Thank You card a week after. Your relationship would escalate from just acquaintances to friends. Imagine what will happen if you do the same to your stakeholders and employees? We’re confident enough to say productivity will increase and get unexpected things in return!

We’re sure you have your own reason to write a personalised greeting card which explains why you are here. No matter what your intention is, a wish card never fails to create a fond memory to the receiver. Sending cards is a form of art that reveals a part of your identity. From choosing the visual to pouring your heart out, the receivers will be able to know you deeper. Hence, it is very important to know the right ways in writing Thank You Cards. 

We will share tips and tricks to write an awesome greeting card- be it personal or corporate.




Before we spill the top 5 ways in writing a thank you note, let’s go through the rules of thumb one by one in creating a perfect wish card.

  • In dilemma to write or not to write? Quit the chase and just do it. Choose your medium and grab the pen. A gift will be extra meaningful if you insert a card that wishes nothing but wellness to the receiver. They will feel connected emotionally.
  • If your relationship with the receiver is not too intimate, just a short and simple message will do. You don’t want to imagine their confused face while reading a long sappy message of yours right? Sometimes, less is more!
  • Include nice thank you quotes. It can be an inspirational quote from famous philosophers, dialogue bits from authors, or even your own quote. Something unique to distinguish you from the others.


Now, let’s move on to the fundamental 5 ways to determine if your wish card is worthy to be sent or not. As quoted by Taylor Swift, “Is it gonna be forever or is it going down the flames”.


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You need to know your recipient well if you intend to win their heart instantly. Do a background check by going through their social media or observe their actions. From there, you will get a gist of what wording should you use, the tone, pattern of thank you card, etc. Make sure you spell their name right and be well-informed of what salutations to use. These simple things will make a difference if it is impactful enough.

Eg: Dear Mrs. Miko,.....


State your objective clearly as to why you are sending the gift. Dive into mini details, so the person understands exactly what you appreciate. Sometimes, the receiver has received a lot of gifts from other business partners and put aside your gift for a while, hence you need to emphasise on why you give the particular gift at the particular time. Let’s say if you mention it as a birthday gift, perhaps the receiver will appreciate it more than the other “nice to meet you” gifts.

Eg: On this remarkable date, I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to you. I chose this dark chocolate that is imported from Belgium for you to indulge because I saw you talk about this specific brand on a TV show recently. 


It is best to surprise them with gifts within a month from the occasion. Better yet, as fast as you can. Prepare your present and schedule your delivery a few weeks before. Or else, they would not be as excited as you hope they would be. 

But it doesn’t mean you have to forget your graceful attention. As a saying goes “better late than never”. Start your letter with an apology 

Eg: I’ve been meaning to tell you that…


Wish sincerely and gracefully. Use a generic wish if you give corporate gifts but don’t be too monotonous. Show a little bit of glee but still remain professional. On the other hand, express a longer and heartfelt wish according to the occasion if you are close to the recipients. Give an uplifting wish that can be put anywhere for a daily dose of motivation. You don’t know how powerful words can be until you need it the most.

Don’t forget to use proper grammar and proofread your wish to avoid any secondhand embarrassment. One silly mistake can tarnish your reputation. For a killer step, insert inspirational quotes to make them feel special. 

Eg: I hope you enjoy the shoes as much as I enjoy choosing them for you. You know Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Till then, be happy and healthy, my friend.


Last but not least, wrap it up successfully and emphasise on your excitement to meet them again somewhere in the future. Perhaps suggest a specific time for the next meet up or just let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Last but not least, use an appropriate closing, such as “Best regards” or “Sincerely.” You can use ‘Yours Truly” if you are close enough.

Then end with your signature:

  • handwritten and typed if it is a letter
  • handwritten if it is a card
  • typed if it is an email

Eg: We look forward to seeing you next month at Aisyah’s party. Have a blast on your birthday, mate.


Best regards,


Wishes are ready but did someone forget about the greeting card? Worry not, we have variations of cards for you to choose depending on occasions. Thank you card, birthday wish card, get well soon card, and so on.

You just have to select the surprise gift package that resembles your receiver the closest, choose a greeting card, and drop a personalised message! We'll manage the packing, writing a handwritten for more human touch, sanitizing, and delivering down to their doorstep.

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