About us


Apprecious is a curated e-commerce gifting company that makes it easier for companies to purchase gifts in bulk for stakeholder appreciation. The company was born out of passion to show care to the world. Our journey began in 2021 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim is to make corporate gifting more refreshing, vibrant and fun while putting priority in supporting local businesses. 

Our online store curates unique brand and especially local brands from Malaysia, to make a gift that cares for everyone’s health and well-being needs. We are all about creating unique products by combining creativity and technology. Currently, our focus is on improving the features of our new website that is developed to provide a seamless experience for bulk gifting. By filling out Apprecious' simple questionnaire, users will get customized gift suggestions that fit their recipients' needs, company’s budget and preferred delivery timeline. Users can pay for the gifts with their credit card or request for an invoice online with just a few simple clicks. 

For the brands, Apprecious offers an additional channel to be discoverable, and for customers, Apprecious provides a convenient way for them to add value to their gifting experience. If you’re looking for a gift that would not go into waste, and something more practical, useful and meaningful while looking less boring at affordable price, Apprecious will find it and deliver to you, wherever you are.

We are committed to making your gift shopping experience a great one by providing you with the best customer service, fast delivery and competitive prices. With our wide selection of products, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.


Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the world with overflowing gratitude, help people build better connections while giving back to the communities.


Our Core Values

  1. Priority on listening to customer’s feedback
  2. Aim for continuous improvement in every function
  3. Maintain good health and well-being of stakeholders
  4. Dedication and ownership to commitment
  5. Never give up and uphold the ‘can do’ attitude


Our Brand Promise


The way your package is being treated in vital in our operation process from picking, packing to delivery. We ensure the gift package arrive safely while putting a smile to someone’s face upon receiving it.


We focus more on the total value of a gift to ensure the recipient feel valued when they received it.


We offer a large variety of products to choose from when it comes to sending someone a gift – one that focus more on health and well-being needs.


Never a dull moment! Colors that will spark motivation, inspiration and productivity.


We are always flexible to cater to your needs. Whether if it’s special customization or delivery request, we are here for you!